How do Colleges Verify the Extracurricular Activities of an Applicant?

While some Colleges don’t care, some others care and can go extra miles to verify the extracurricular activity (s) of their applicants. The question comes, how do these colleges verify extracurricular activities?

Well, employers solicit for students who are endowed with special skills and experiences, which will help them to be productive and beneficial to the College and the best approach to having these skills as a student is by getting involved in Extra-curricular activities.

While seeking admission into the college or a university, admission teams are always interested to know about the extracurricular activities of the applicants and one “soft factor” for being considered for admission is having an extracurricular activity(ies).

However, having extracurricular activities aren’t only for impressing admission committee for a chance of being  admitted. They also have a number of rewards for students in and outside  the school community.

Few Extracurricular Activities to Get Involved in:

1. Sports

Sport is really one extracurricular activity to consider for anyone looking for a good extracurricular activity. Apart from the exercise part of it, sport provide individuals with needed livelihood skills like commitment, teamwork and grit.

While sports should never be ones’ only extracurricular, it definitely shows versatility if a student can balance  academics with dedicated participation in  sports.

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2. Leaning New Languages

Learning new languages is so lucrative that it can’t be over emphasized. Taking this as an extracurricular activity is not only fun, but can help later in life.

It’s a great skill to have as it increases ones ability to multitask and has shown to improve problem solving skills.

Besides having more chances of having  a good job or advancing in career, learning a second language can also give one an insight into other cultures.

Bilingualism is a huge value add for the university admissions and a great skill for job market.

                3. Developing Writing Skills

Writing is an essential job skill and moreso, a needed extracurricular skill to have as an applicant for admission. Improved writing skills makes one a good  communicator and also improves reading.

Students who have this skill should strive, not only to write but to also submit their write-ups to the local newspaper or other publishing companies for a chance to get published as this can appeal to university admission team greatly.

                4. Voluntary Services

Getting involved in voluntary Services is a way of giving back to the community and to support those around.

This appeals to the university admission team greatly as it shows how much the applicant values using free time for good, can balance school and volunteering, and a level of thoughtfulness.

There are a number of voluntary Services one can render ranging from tutoring, church, cleaning up a parks and more.

             5. Acquiring New Skills

Code Academy, Coursea, Udemy, Khan Academy are just to mention a few sites where one can acquire a new skill online. Some of the sites offer certificates which can be added to the resume of the applicant for added advantage.

How Many Extracurricular Activities Should One Participate in?

Well, most universities do not really lay emphasis on numbers but on how-well. For such universities, the concern is on the achievements of the applicant in the important extracurricular activities involved in.

On the other hand, for universities which consider numbers, strong applications tend to have between 8 and 10 extracurricular activities.

This sounds like a lot, but many activities are seasonal, so it’s possible to fit, for example, three to four sports into one year.

As much as it is great to have extracurricular activities specially as added advantage while seeking admission, the applicant should be careful while stating his/her extracurricular activities, achievements and every other thing required as the admission team has the responsibility to verify the given information.

How Colleges Verify Extracurricular Activities of Applicants?

The University admission team can seek to verify extracurricular activities information provided by applicant in a number of ways:

    1. Face to Face Interview

The admission team may seek to physically interrogate the applicant to ascertain their acclaimed extracurricular activities.

This is an interview and so, it’s expected that questions could be asked about the said extracurricular activities and it’s expected that the applicant answers with all sense of discretion as any form of misinformation can lead to decline of application.

        2. Use of Internet

The admission team could decide to verify given information by applicants via websites provided to gather more information and hence, ascertain that the claims by the applicants are validated.

         3. Contacting Referees

Yes! One sure avenue through which admission teams verify information about extracurricular activities provided by the applicants is by contacting the referees provided in the credentials.

An applicant must have this in mind before providing references because if the any discovered information tends to contradict what he/she provided, the admission can be declined.


Colleges don’t request for extracurricular activities for nothing. Most colleges see extracurriculars as a way of creating a synergy between students. Extracurriculars also encourage superior academic performance.

Another interesting thing about extracurriculars is that they enhance the applicant’s portfolio which will likely result to a higher chances of admission.

While you try to impress Colleges with your extracurricular activities, it is better to list out the ones that you are fully involved in. Like I said earlier, some Colleges can go extra miles to verify your claimed extracurriculars.

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