How to Obtain Master’s Degree Online for free in 2022

In this article you will be guided on how to obtain a master’s degree online for free.  To obtain a master’s degree you need to get a Bachelor’s degree first.

All thanks to free online courses and free university courses that have made it easy for graduates to further their education even when they don’t have enough finance.

This simply mean that fund cannot be a reason for not furthering your education again because a solution and alternative has been provided.

Interestingly, master’s degree certificate makes you more advance in knowledge and also opens more opportunities for you.

Benefits of Master degree

A master’s degree certificate is good but that does not implies that you can get a work higher than those with bachelor’s degree but in the educational sectors those with master’s degree has high level of advanced knowledge than those with bachelor’s degree.

Listed here are some benefits of a master’s degree certificate:

  • A master’s degree helps you to get more opportunities in the labor market
  • You have more knowledge in the field you are studying which implies that you can teach your student in an advanced level
  • A master’s degree certificate gives you more respect in the public and both in your family’s
  • A master’s degree certificate also makes you standout in your working place, for example; your colleagues with lower degree may not be able to get to the position you will be in the working environment
  • With a master’s degree, it’s implies that you are well learned and you can have the opportunity to teach your fellow workers.

For career advancement after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree is the first thing to come to your mind because it is one of the powerful tool that can take you to the next level.

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Reasons for Pursuing a Master’s Degree

There are numbers of reasons why people pursue a master’s degree certificate, some of these are;

  • Not having a good bachelor’s degree certificate
  • To obtain promotions from the workplace
  • Might be personal reasons
  • To obtain more knowledgeable tools
  • To become more professional
  • To start up a new career
  • Or in order to obtain more certificate for example to follow the steps taken to get to the top, etc.

To obtain a master’s degree certificate can be expensive and also stressful and that does not fit in, in this modern and advance world cause of advanced technologies, innovations that has come in place to make life easier and better.

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Technology has made education sector easier and better, now you can now study online with your smart phones , laptops, PC, tablets, etc. With low cost and less stressed.

Requirements Needed for Online Master’s Degree

Requirements are needed to obtain a master’s degree certificate but it’s based on the universities, some universities requirement might differs from the others.

But for anyone to apply for a master’s degree certificate that means he/she must have obtain a bachelor’s degree.

In order to apply for any online master’s degree program, applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree program and it is also required for you to submit it during the application.

Something you to know is that an online universities is same as a traditional university that is if the schools are been accredited by the bodies, the only difference is that one is done online while the other one is done offline.

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Others universities may have a specific GPA limit that you need to obtain before they can grant you admissions into the university.

Things to Know about Online Master’s Degree Certificate

We know as the world is advancing in age technology also advances too, the educational sector has achieve gathering of people through digital means which is one of the biggest changes in the educational sector.

Now student can also be in the school environment digitally with their phones, laptops etc. Instead of student facing the stress and inconvenience in the school environment, they can now stay at the comfort of their home to learn.

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Online learning can be enjoyed by anybody that means if you want to study or you want to be part of the educational sector.

Education is very broad, it does not end only in school, the digital world has made education so easy that you can travel to different part of the world and still learning.

Brilliant student with innovative ideas has been produced through online learning, skills has also been learnt through it also.

Also, businesses has also been learnt and so on… Some best universities such as the Ivy League Institutions also offers online education too.

There are many institutions that offers free online master’s degree program.

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Universities That Offers Free Online Master’s Degree Program in 2022

  • University Of People
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Curtis University of Music.

1. University of People Online Master’s Degree Programs

The university of people offers free      online master’s degree program. It is an accredited online universities in America.

The university of people offers MBA in management, the program takes six terms to complete.


  • Applicant must have a minimum of two years working experience
  • Applicant must also have a reference which can be written by the lecturer or by the employer
  • Applicant must also present their bachelor’s degree
  • Applicant must also be good in English but non native English speakers should provide proof of English Proficiency.
  • Applicant must also provide a letter of recommendation.

Note all the documents are submitted online.

The university of people also offers master’s in Education that is designed to train students for dynamic careers in education, childcare and community leadership.

How to Apply? Visit

2. MIT Online Master’s Degree Programs

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers free master’s in media lab’s program in media arts and sciences, the institution admit up to fifty candidate each year.

The course deals with learning, design, communications, human computer interaction and entrepreneurship.


  • Applicant must have knowledge in computer science, architecture, mechanical engineering, material science psychology etc.
  • TOEFL is also required from non native English speakers.
  • A recommendation letter is also needed.

How to apply? Visit

3. Curtis Institute of Music Online Master’s Degree Programs

Curtis Institute of Music, as the name implies it’s offers free master’s degree in music. If the applicant that applies are hundred percent the school only admits four percent’s of the applicant.


  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in music or take at least one course in drama, art, literature, history, musical studies etc.
  • Applicant must have at least thirty two graduate credits
  • A score of 79 and 80 in TOEFL are expected from non native English speakers.

How to apply? Visit or

With this information, I believe you have known how to obtain a master’s degree online for free in 2022.

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