Online Universities that Offer free Public Health Courses 2022

If you are interested in knowing some of the best online universities that are offering free public health courses in 2022 then you are on the right page.

Notwithstanding, there are many free online Public Health courses offered around the globe for both national and international undergraduate and graduate students.

Additionally, student in continuing education can also be given opportunities to undergo this free Public Health online courses.

These courses are been offered in some best online universities around the globe which can bring opportunities for individuals in the Public Health sectors.

In some cases, some health workers may like to enroll for free courses in Public Health just to advance their experience for requirements.

There are numerous numbers of schools Offering Free online Public Health courses. Here are few online schools documented that offers free online Public Health courses.

Universities that Offer Public Health with their Courses

In this listing, I am going to focus on the few but the best universities that offer online public health with the public health courses they offer.

Before I go further to explain this universities in details, let’s first of all list them out. Below is the list of universities that offer online public health courses:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Duke University
  3. Harvard University
  4. Doane University
  5. Johns Hopkins University
  6. Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  7. Liberty University
  8. John Hopkins University
  9. Global Health Learning Center
  10. Karolinska Institute

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online Public Health Courses

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The MIT offers free online courses in Public Health. Any student that offers free online public health course in MIT can be able to obtain Master’s Certificate.

In MIT, the courses offered are advance in such a way that it can improve the medical sectors with vital information’s about Public Health.

The students can be developed mentally and equipped in the Public Health sectors, promoting informatics and medical technologies.

There are many fields in Public Health. Some students can also enroll for advanced in computer science aspects of Public Health and Medicine.

Such fields also aid in the modern medicine in the advancement of ideas. It also helps students to know their roles as to how technology can be applied to change the quality of care given to a patient.

However, the courses offered are not designed for student who has not yet advance on the fundamentals of Public Health. Student can also obtain certificate after studying that can aid them get jobs.

Available Public Health Course offered at MIT:

  1. Global Health Informatics to Improve Quality Care

Course link:

Duke University Online Public Health Courses via Coursera

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Duke University offers free online course in Public Health which aid in the development of the Health sector around the globe.

The student can be able to know the cause of a disease and be able to provide solutions to the problem.

This course outline is concerned with the global health, It’s focus on the global perspective and populations as a whole.

Student offering courses in Duke University can accessed lectures online in their own convenience as it’s does not require student to attend classes on campuses.

Duke University also offers beginner level course that takes up to ten to eleven hours to complete.

Available Public Health Course offered at Duke University:

  1. The Challenges of Global Health

Course link:

Harvard University Online Public Health Courses via EDX

Harvard University also offers free online courses in Public Health.

Students are opportune to choose from the two courses offered in Harvard, the courses which helps in building the knowledge of the students in the Health sector.

Students can study in the comfort of their homes, in which they can also finish a course within seven to eight weeks, certificates can also be given to them by paying a little amount of money.

There are beginners course and intermediate course. The beginner course focuses on the effects of climate change on human health and populations.

The intermediate course focuses on the global health as it’s applies to quality and safety. It is left for the student to choose any courses that can suit in to their goals.

Available Public Health Course offered at Harvard University:

  1. Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety
  2. The Health Effects of Climate Change.

Course link:

Doane University Online Public Health Courses EDX

Doane University offers free online courses in Public Health. Students can acquire knowledge on health informatics technology Which focuses on population data.

Student can learn in their own convenience, In which they can student at their comfort zone but also needs appropriate amount of time to enable them complete their study for at least three weeks, it can take five to ten hours in a week.

The University also issues certificates to student with a recommended fees that is affordable.

Available Public Health Course offered at Doane University:

  1. Health Informatics Technology in Population Healthcare Analytics

Course link:

Johns Hopkins University Online Public Health Courses

Johns Hopkins University offers free online courses in Public Health. Student can get access to studies through their smartphones or tablet, the course are stored in the Apple iTunes for student to download.

The school focus on the history of the field of study.

The courses offered talk about the history of Public Health sectors and it’s has changed over the years, the improvement of knowledge, medical science and new research on theories bringing about historical ailments, sicknesses and ways on how solution can be proffer.

The University help student to acquire knowledge and to understand the changes that occur within those years knowing the situations. Students can discussed and know more about Public Health and safety.

Available Public Health Course offered at Johns Hopkins University:

  1. The History Of Public Health

Course link:

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Online Public Health Courses

The Institute of Healthcare Improvement offers online course in Public Health which aim for the populations.

This institution has the beginners course and the intermediate course, the beginner course which aim at improving the student to learn the basics requirements on introductory topics while the intermediate course which focuses on advanced topics.

The institution break the lessons into 15 to 40 minutes helping the student to improve on the course materials.

One of the most important things is that student who are not fluent in English can also be able to student as the institute has offered translations of course materials in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Available Public Health Course offered at Institute for Healthcare Improvement:

  1. Triple Aim for Populations

Liberty University Online Public Health Courses Apple iTunes

Liberty University offers free course on Public Health. The University aim in improving the knowledge of the student based on the health nursing which focus on the nurses in community health.

The student can download course materials for free in the Apple iTunes store.

The courses offered in the university is so broad in such a way that students in nursing or any other field can offer it too. The course also takes a biblical approach to Public Health and nursing.

Available Public Health Course offered at Liberty University:

  1. Community Health Nursing

Other Universities that Offer free Online Public Health Courses in 2022.

Now, let’s look at some other other universities that offer free online public health courses in 2022. Below are few other universities that offer free online courses:

1. John Hopkins University via Coursera

Course offered:

  • Biostatistics in Public Health; Foundation of Global Health

2. Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Course offered:

  • Environmental Public Health

3. Global Health Learning Center

Course offered:

  • Global Health Learning Center

4. Karolinska Institute via EDX

Course offered;

  • Introduction to Global Health


There are many other universities that offer free online public health courses which I have not listed here. Therefore, I charge you to make your personal research about them and discover more for yourself.

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