I am an Asian American planning to apply to Harvard. I am curious to know how Harvard treats Asian Americans when it comes to college admission.

Comfort Answered question September 22, 2022


Firstly, Harvard does not discriminate against Asian Americans neither does it discriminate against students of any race.

According to reports, a thorough study of Harvard’s admissions statistics between 2000 and 2017 has it that that the acceptance rate for Asian American students was 8.1% compared to a 11.1% figure for white students.

But we cannot fully say that it is a discrimination because Harvard as a prestigious and competitive college has admission quota for each race.

Harvard has and maintain the rights to admit applicants according to their admission policies and in most cases will not give too much attention to balancing races.

No! Harvard does not discriminate against Asian Americans. According to Harvard, It uses a holistic approach during it’s admission process.

This simply implies that students are admitted based on qualifications and not on race.

However, Harvard might choose to give a higher acceptance rate to students of a particular race depending on it’s admission policies.

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