Scholarships for Master’s Degree Programs 2022

If you are looking for available scholarships for master’s degree programs, then I wish to notify you that there are so many scholarships for a master’s degree in the world.

Some of the scholarships are regional (for specific countries) while others are not. But on this page, I have gathered some relevant Scholarships for Masters Degree that is suitable for all students.

But before this, it is necessary to have completed your bachelor’s degree, so that you can access a master’s degree program since it is a step to step in the academic ladder.

The Strenuous: Getting a scholarships for master’s program is not quite easy because Scholarships are competitive this days.

As such, most master’s scholarships nowadays are mostly awarded to the most suitable applicants. The best student are mostly refers to as the brilliant student or merit based.

Scholarships can also awarded by either government, private organizations, and individuals. Governments can offers scholarship through bursaries, public organizations in which is been given to merit student and also those that is not financially strong.


Scholarships varies, that is there are full funded scholarships and also part funded scholarships. The cost of a masters varies in colleges and universities.

The full funded scholarship covers almost every activities while the part funded might covers the fees or living cost.

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How to Secure a Scholarship

Before I list out the scholarships, let me share these tips with you. I am sure you will like them and also, they will help to charge you to get the best out of this.

They are many ways to secure a scholarship, to get a scholarship is not quite easy since it is competitive, that is the number of people applying for  Scholarships are quite massive and which many are mostly brilliant.

So I have listed some steps in which you can be among the competitors to be granted scholarship, but as a student you need to be brilliant since it is the first thing require from you.

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Scholarships does not only based on masters alone, it is very wide in different fields but since our focus is on Masters, here are steps of securing one;

Tip 1. Apply for different Scholarships based on Masters

 Applying for different master’s scholarship is very important since it can boost your opportunities for obtaining a master’s scholarship.

Tip 2. Plan ahead

Planning ahead is almost the same as keeping up to date, as a good student you need to keep up to date so as to know the criteria of the scholarship as an applicant, you don’t need to rush things.

You need to follow instructions in the scholarship form you pick and also be guided on what to do.

Tip 3: Never give up

Think like a winner, giving up is a choice but don’t choose it. As a student you need to push forward in putting more effort even when it seems it’s not really working out.

When one scholarship fails, then bear it in mind that they are many other scholarship programs for master’s that you can attempt again.

All you need to do is to keep researching, know the requirements and make sure you meet them, apply on time, and do well to follow up.

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List of Scholarships offers for Masters Degree Programs

It is quite expensive to obtain a master degree nowadays, but with the help of scholarships obtaining a master’s degree will be less expensive.

All over the world, many schools and institution offers different types of scholarships to different people. Below are some trusted scholarships for master’s degree programs in 2022:

1. Commonwealth Scholarships for Masters Students

Commonwealth Scholarships been offered to student within the Commonwealth axis, they offers fully funded master’s degree for students such like visa and travel fees, accommodations fees, book allowance, etc.

A master’s degree is not just based on a particular course but on different fields. The Commonwealth Scholarships is specific to only citizens of the Commonwealth countries.

Scholarship link: Visit scholarship here

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2. The Fulbright Foreign Student Masters Scholarship

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program gives fully funded Scholarships to student around the world (graduate/professionals).

The organizations is been found in the United State aiding Student all over the world to conduct research and to study in the United States.

Scholarship link: Visit scholarship here

3. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships

The institution does not offer fully funded Scholarships to student but they offers part funded scholarship which covers the student travelling, insurance and living allowance cost.

The European Union are responsible for funding the Institution and it is also the initiative of the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Program, awarded to student all over the world.

This scholarship is for students that apply for a full degree Scholarship through an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree and are qualify to attend the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programs at the Masters level.

Scholarship link: Visit scholarship here

4. Chevening UK Government Master’s Scholarship Program

Chevening is the UK government’s international scholarships programme for Foreign students. This scholarship program started since 1983.

The scholarship program is fully funded and is sponsored by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and other organizations that are in partnership.

Chevening UK Government offer scholarship awards to qualified applicants to study in the UK for one year on a fully funded master’s degree course. The program is aimed at aiding student all over the world to study in the UK.

Scholarship link: Visit scholarship here

5. Swedish Institute Master’s Scholarships

In 2022, the Swedish Institute will be granting about 400 fully-funded scholarships to students that wish to do their master’s at any university in Sweden.

The scholarship program is fully funded by the government agencies and it offers scholarships specifically to the international student annually.

The Swedish Institute Scholarships Program provide diverse programs. Some of the Swedish Institute Scholarships Program are;

  • The Swedish Institute Scholarships for South Africa
  • The Swedish Institute Scholarships for Western Balkans and Turkey
  • The Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP).

The SISGP is a fully funded scholarship that covers living expenses, tuition fees, insurance (illness and accident), and traveling fees, etc.

Scholarship link: Visit scholarship here

6. DAAD Scholarships for Master’s Degree Programs

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarships are scholarship programs that are designed for foreign graduates from development and newly industrialized countries.

Interestingly, the DAAD offers scholarships to international student and it’s institution is based in Germany. This scholarships are available for all disciplines and students from all countries.

The duration of the program is about twelve (12) to twenty four (24) month in which student can become professionals.

Award: The scholarship is worth over £750 monthly and up to £9,000 annually and it’s covers travel allowance, insurance (personal liability), health and accident.

Core Requirements;

  • You must work in either a public or private company.
  • At least two years’ professional experience
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree (above average).

Scholarship link: Visit scholarship here

Why you Should Pursue a Master Degree

A master degree certificate is a very important qualification because it can leverage you in the society and give you a chance to handle a bigger position in where ever you are employed.

As the world advance, organizations want the best, that’s why student needs to be advance in knowledge to know more about their fields.

They are many importance of obtaining a master’s degree certificate, which are;

  • You can obtain promotion in your working place.
  • You will be more advance in your field of study.
  • As a master’s degree holder, you can teach students who are bachelor’s degree holder.
  • You are also respected by your colleagues, friends, family and other students.
  • As a master’s degree holder, you have more opportunities when applying for work than those with bachelor’s degree.

Those are the available scholarships for master’s degree programs. There are many other master’s degree scholarship programs out there that you can also apply for.

Feel free to do your personal research by using google search to find other scholarships. You can search for them based on your personally needs, country or course.

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