UCLA Acceptance Rate 2027 – Admission Statistics and Data

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Interesting Facts About UCLA Class of 2027 Acceptance Rate

What determines UCLA acceptance rate?

The UCLA acceptance rate is the rate at which applicants that submitted their application to UCLA are accepted.

This acceptance rate is calculated by dividing the total number of students that UCLA accept for a given admission entry by the number of the total students that sent their admission applications to UCLA.

Below are some interesting facts about the UCLA Class of 2027 acceptance rate:

  • UCLA acceptance rate is not a determinant of whether or not you will be admitted.
  • This acceptance rate is only arrived at after calculating the UCLA accepted students by the number of UCLA total applicants.

How Does UCLA Acceptance Affect your Chances of Getting in?

The UCLA acceptance rate tells how easy or difficult it it get into UCLA. It’s one of the digits that are used to suggest the possibility of gaining admission into UCLA.

Often times, the acceptance rate of a college directly tells the possibility of gaining admission. It implies that the lower the UCLA acceptance rate for a given class, say the class of 2027, the more difficult it will be to get into.

Meanwhile, how high or low the UCLA acceptance rate is may not directly determine whether or not you will be admitted as any applicant can be among the little percentage of admitted students

What is the UCLA Acceptance Rate for the Class of 2027?

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) admission is very competitive and selective with an average acceptance rate of 12%.

But for the UCLA Class of 2027, the UCLA acceptance rate is 8.52%. This is really low as compared to the acceptance rate for other years.

That simply shows that only about 8.52% of the total applicants that sent their applications to UCLA gained admission while about 91.48% didn’t.

Only this can tell that UCLA is far competitive and selective. Meanwhile, the students admitted into UCLA were selected based on the University of California’s admission criteria.

Chances of getting into UCLA 2022, Class of 2027

The lower the UCLA acceptance rate, the more difficult it might be to get into the university of California, Los Angeles.

What is my chance of getting into Stanford University?

Your chances of getting into UCLA is only 5% (the UCLA Acceptance Rate percentage).

This is so because only 12% of the total applicants to UCLA usually end up getting in because the UCLA admission is extremely competitive.

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