Universities in Nigeria that offer Cyber Security and Requirements 2022

Welcome, it’s another opportunity to share with you, the list of Universities in Nigeria that offer Cyber Security with their admission requirements and all that it takes to secure admission.

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  • Admission Requirements for Cyber Security
  • Job Opportunities for Cyber Security in Nigeria
  • Universities that offer Cyber Security in Nigeria
  • JAMB Cut-off Mark for Cyber Security

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What is Cyber Security?

Generally, cyber security is known as the application and the processes of controlling, protecting system networks and data programs from cyber attacks or cyber threats

The main reason for cyber security is to help reduce the risk cyber attackers or cyber threats has caused and as such, helps in protecting system network from all unauthorised exploitation from other technologies.

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Is Cyber Security a Good Course in Nigeria?


Cyber Security is a very professional course in Nigeria. It is one of the professional courses in Nigeria without a huge opportunity in the future.

Studying cyber security in Nigeria is creating a better future for yourself. The demand for cyber security in Nigeria is expected grow by 40 – 60 in the future.

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What’s the important of studying cyber security?

  • Cyber security breaches Cost are rising time to time
  • Cyber security creates privacy
  • The risk of reputational damage are reduced in a low financial cost.

Where can a Cyber Security work in Nigeria?

Where can I work if I study cyber security in Nigeria?
Someone that studies Cyber Security in Nigeria can work in any of the following forms:

  • Cyber firms
  • Online platforms
  • ICT companies/firms
  • Social media platforms
  • Banks
  • Data websites
  • Insurance companies
  • Transaction websites
  • Online stores and marketplaces
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Data management companies
  • Governmental organizations/firms

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Admission Requirements for Cyber Security in Nigeria 2022

What are the admission requirements for cyber security in Nigeria? The general JAMB and university admission requirements for cyber security in Nigeria includes the following:

Direct Entry Requirements

  • 2 A Level passes in mathematics and other science subjects
  • NCE merit in Mathematics and 1 other Science

UTME Requirement

  • 5 SSCE passes in Mathematics, English Language, Physics and other 2 Science subjects
  • Good JAMB score

JAMB Cut-off mark for Cyber Security 2022

University cut-off mark for cyber security:

The JAMB Cut-off mark for cyber security for federal universities is 140, for state universities is 140, for private universities is also 140.

With this JAMB Cut-off mark you’ll have stand a chance of securing admission in any university of your choice in Nigeria that offers cyber security

University Subject Combination for Cyber Security 2023

The university subject combination for cyber security in Nigeria are:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Any of Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, or Computer Studies

Universities that offer Cyber Security in Nigeria 2022

The following are the list of universities in Nigeria that offer cyber security. The list includes federal, state and private universities that offer cyber security in Nigeria;

  1. Bayero University Kano (BUK), Kano State
  2. Federal University Birnin-Kebbi, Kebbi State
  3. Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State
  4. Technica University, Ibadan, Oyo State
  5. University of Delta, Agbor (UNIDEL) Delta State
  6. Federal University Dustin-Ma, Kastina State
  7. Kings University, Osun State
  8. Koldaisi University, Oyo State
  9. Kwararafa University, Taraba State
  10. Lead University, Oyo State
  11. Maryam Abacha University of Nigeria, Kano State
  12. Mewar University Nigeria  Nasarawa State
  13. Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, Delta State
  14. Mountain Top University, Ogun State
  15. Nile University, Abuja
  16. NOK University, Kachia, Kaduna State
  17. Novena University, Ogume, Delta State
  18. Ritman University, Akwa Ibom
  19. University of Offa, Kwara State
  20. Nigerian Army University, Borno State
  21. Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna State
  22. Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna State
  23. Federal University of Technology, Owerri,  Imo State

Job Opportunities for Cyber Security in Nigeria 2022

This section will show you the list of job opportunities for cyber security in Nigeria. The following are job opportunities for those that study cyber security in Nigeria:

  1. Cybersecurity Engineer
  2. Chief Information Security Officer – CISO
  3. Security Architect
  4. Computer Forensics Analyst
  5. Malware Analyst
  6. Penetration Tester

Cyber Security Salary in Nigeria

How much can a Cyber Security make? the average monthly salary for cyber security in Nigeria ranges from 150k to 500k.

With this, I believe you have seen the list of Universities in Nigeria that offer Cyber Security with their admission requirements.

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